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Matthew B. Alto©

Matt is a seemingly normal 13 year old kid with a tendency for misbehaving. Alongside being type 1 diabetic and a severe case of OCD, this neurotic character always figures out a way to make a bad situation worse.


After crash-landing in Matt's backyard, this naive but sweet alien finds his way into the Alto's home. They could never have imagined the insane adventures that would follow.


Pute, a ghostly spectre, was released from an old diary of some dead kid with a good head on his shoulders. Unfortunately he's hanging out with the two worst daredevils around. This poor spirit's nerves are going to be shot.

Frank V. Alto©

(Father) Frank is a hard worker and a bit of a nut. He owns his own carpet cleaning business and is incredibly good at what he does. Along with being successful, he has a tendency to screw things up.

Deborah A. Alto©

(Mother) Deborah is sweet on the outside and tough as nails on the inside. She looks like an average mom, but she will take you down in a heartbeat.

Lindsay M. Alto©

(Sister) Lindsay is a ruthless competitor from grades to sports, to anything. She will stop at nothing until she is the best, even if it means taking out the competition.