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Matt is a narcissist who at times neglects his friends. On his journey he may just be in for more than he bargained for as he is flung into the past, present, and future and must conflict with the most dangerous enemy ever. From: Matt & Zoop


Zoop is a fun loving alien who can sometimes be too naive for his own good, however, when the chips are down you can always count on him to have your back. From: Matt & Zoop


Pute is a sarcastic spectre who at times wonders how he got himself into this mess. Upon his journey he realizes that he is not alone and he doesn't have to carry the weight of the team on his back. From: Matt & Zoop


Pan's parents divorced when she turned 10, since then she tried to distance herself from others, until Matt became her best friend. Shortly after opening up Matt met a strange alien boy named Matt and she felt immediately left out. She tried to deny it, but she continues to feel very alone. From: Matt & Zoop


Anahi is a Kleashu from Muniltop when she meets Pan the two have an akward cute meetup and begin to fall in love. Let's just hope her dad doesn't find out! From: Matt & Zoop


Suzie is a shy soft spoken girl who only comes out of her shell when she is near those closet to her. Her other best friend is the anxiety ghost Cecil who at times can be quite difficult to share a body with. From: Matt & Zoop


Zealina, Zoop's mom, is a rough and tumble garbage truck driver, she has had this job for nearly 23 cycles and it quite good at what she does. From: Matt & Zoop


Lira is a a hired gun who has had a successful track record of getting her prey. Aside from her job, she is single woman who loves kittens and will crush those who try to bring harm to them! From: Matt & Zoop


Valec wants to discover life on another world and will stop at nothing to assert that his domnance reign supreme over all of time and space to fear the name Valec! From: Matt & Zoop

Matt & Zoop: Dimensions

Future Zoop

Alternate dimension Zoop is rough and tough, but my lack the brain cells to accomplsh his goals. It's time to chew ass and kick gum and I'm all out of gum! From: Matt & Zoop: Dimensions

Future Matt

Down on his luck and just wants a normal life. Matt quit the team to live a normal life, but sometimes he does dream of coming out of retirement in order to lead the team to victory just one last time! From: Matt & Zoop: Dimensions

Future Pute

After the team split-up Pute decided to lead a rebellion against Victor Suave in order to restore balance to the dimensions, but he soon realizes that the key to success lies within his old team. From: Matt & Zoop: Dimensions

Stick Matt

This version of Matt is the perfect display of what a hero can be, but in a strange world with new dangers can this little hero be enough or will he need a little extra backup. From: Matt & Zoop: Dimensions

Stick Zoop

Stick Zoop loves to play, but when it comes time to get serious this little guy has got your back and proves that best friends can accomplish anything. From: Matt & Zoop: Dimensions