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Zoop is a fun loving alien who can sometimes be too naive for his own good, however, when the chips are down you can always count on him to have your back. From: Matt & Zoop


Stick Zoop, compared to his newer version is still wanting to have fun, but knows when things need to get done. From: (Old comics and Matt & Zoop Dimensions)

Future Zoop

The future doesn't look bright after the tyrannical overlord Victor showed up. Future Zoop has been training for years underground until the moment will come that he can strike again, and he will stop at nothing until he defeats Victor and restores balance to his dimension. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions


Matt is a narcissist who at times neglects his friends. On his journey he may just be in for more than he bargained for as he is flung into the past, present, and future and must conflict with the most dangerous enemy ever. From: Matt & Zoop

Stick Matt

Unlike his most modern rendition Matt is a caring selfless hero who can be a bit skeptical at times, but will do anything to protect his friends. From: (Old comics and Matt & Zoop Dimensions)

Future Matt

Future Matt is a middle aged man who is down on his luck and just wants to live a normal life, that is, until he is thrust into the wake of another journey and must step up to prove himself yet again as the hero he used to be. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions


Pute is a sarcastic spectre who at times wonders how he got himself into this mess. Upon his journey he realizes that he is not alone and he doesn't have to carry the weight of the team on his back. From: Matt & Zoop

Stick Pute

A clique of a ghost, the whole boo! montra. This little guy has a much character development as a teenage vampire novel. From: Matt & Zoop Dimenions

Future Pute

Serious, profound, and methodical. Future Pute cares deeply for his team and steers them in the right direction without giving them the whole map sort of say. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions


Liza a half demon angelic creature from render realm. Her job is to keep an eye on the dimensional gates from intruders. Upon Victors dimensions jump she is thrust into combat against all who dare to make the trip through her domain. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions

Victor Suave

Victor is a young man on his own self discovery. Living in a world bound by reality he is fascinated with the idea of other dimensions. During the night his wife Amelia is struck down with turberculosis and lies helplessly in bed. Victor in rage discovers a tear in his dimension where he see's other world's with characters who cannot be harmed and aren't bound by a reality (A cartoon character falls from a high height unahrmed). Victor believes he can harness there power and save the love of his life. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions

Victor Suave Full Power

During his time jump Victor is too late to save the love of his life. Enraged, blames Matt and Zoop and will stop at nothing to destroy all the dimensions. From: Matt & Zoop Dimensions