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My newest webcomic series featuring me, Matt! It's all about my incredibly boring life exaggerated!

New! HitchHiker Dimension Ep. 6

New! Birds on a Branch Ep. 1

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New Comic! Unbreaded Chicken: The Turn-Around futmatt

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My name is Matthew Impemba and I'm the creator of Matt & Zoop Webcomics and many more! All that you see on this website I had created!
Webcomic synopsis: Meet a hapless hitchhiker named Henry and his new reluctant friend Llyod, utterly and wonderfully lost, as they tumble through portals to a myriad of worlds. This adventure is all about the aimless thrill of the journey, not the destination. From curious landscapes to eccentric inhabitants, join their whimsical quest through the unknown—a quest that takes them everywhere and nowhere at all!
Short premise: Follow Henry “the perpetual wanderer”, and an unsuspected passerby named Llyod who picks him up.

Unbreaded Chicken

Unbreaded Chicken is a webcomic all about me and my diabetic life!

Matt & Zoop webcomic!

Click here for Matt & Zoop webcomics

Nickolodeon Pitch

Click here for Darwin and the Doofus Pitch.

Lillith and gaLL:

My first children's book! (coming soon)

Birds on a Branch

Birds on a Branch coming soon.

Crazy Train Webcomic

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