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Matthew B. Alto The Smug Prick

Matt is a seemingly normal 13 year old kid with a tendency for misbehaving. Alongside being type 1 diabetic and a severe case of OCD, this neurotic character always figures out a way to make a bad situation worse.

Zoop The Naive One

After crash-landing in Matt's backyard, this naive but sweet alien finds his way into the Alto's home. They could never have imagined the insane adventures that would follow.

Pute The Stressed Out One

Pute, a ghostly spectre, was released from an old diary of some dead kid with a good head on his shoulders. Unfortunately he's hanging out with the two worst daredevils around. His nerves are going to be shot.

Stay Tuned for more, Space Cadet!

Webcomic creator Matthew Impemba

An Intergalactic thrill-ride lightyears ahead of its time!

Hello my name is Matthew Impemba. I've drawn comics for quite a long time and have come up with tons of great characters such as the ones seen on my website. Matt, Zoop, and Pute are my oldest and my most treasured charcters I have ever made. They have gone through some incredible changes over my life. Some strange and others even weirder, ha-ha. I am so excited that I finally can share my art to the world and hope that these characters bring just as much joy to your life as I had creating them. They truly are the Grand Adventures of Matt & Zoop!