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The Bike Ride

All you need in life is a bike, your freedom and the open road. Helmets are for nerds. Do not attempt at home.
Matthew Impemba

My little buddy, I love you and miss you.

December 30th, 2021
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I wrote a small piece about those who passed on before us.

Hold on a little longer.

If only I had more time.

If only I did more…

As we cross over on our voyage to the afterlife, we are able to see our friends and family one last time before we go. It is brief and even though life has ended here on Earth it continues through the Soul Voyage. Our bodies grow weak and tired on Earth till the time comes where we must sleep. When we awake, we are young and healthy, all the pain is now gone and even though we are no longer with you, it doesn’t mean we are gone.

We await you on the other side when we can once again hold each other. On our last day on Earth, we wish you feel comfort knowing that we are finally at peace, our bodies are healed, our aches and pains dissipated. We are whole again.

Please do not feel sad, we are happy and wait for you one day so we can be together once more.

Enjoy your life and never miss a moment.

-Written by me (Matthew Impemba) to my little bud Monkey. I love you and miss you everyday.

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November 29, 2020
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November 29, 2020
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I am now starting videos on my brand new YouTube channel.

I will be playing indie/horror games and talking about art and new cartoon/anime shows coming soon! Keep up to do date by subscribing to my channel!